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Alliance of Digital India Foundation

Founded in 2020 as a non-profit organization, ADIF (Alliance of Digital Foundation) is a policy think tank committed to strengthening India’s digital startups. Recognising the immense potential of the digital sector, ADIF aims to transform the Indian startup ecosystem, making it the startup capital of the world by 2030.

ADIF is a firm believer in ‘vocal for local’ and has broken the shackles which had restrained local startups from competing with bigger players.
With the help of individual and organizational alliances, it is quickly emerging as the champion for their cause and a mouthpiece for their voices.

The methods pursued by ADIF include celebrating wealth creators, driving collaboration within the startup ecosystem, and representing their best interests in government and industry forums. In order to reach our goals, we team up with relevant stakeholders to bring forth an age of innovation.

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Why was ADIF formed

In this digital age, Indian startups are leading the charge. Their approach of building and scaling their products and services while keeping the unique realities and ever-changing needs of our country in mind, has not only improved the lives of millions of Indians, but has produced over 110 unicorns.

To continue on this path of transformation, we need to build a conducive environment, an ecosystem that truly supports innovation, which ultimately becomes the blueprint for other startup ecosystems all over the world. It is with this objective that we have audaciously imagined ADIF. 

India will soon have over 1 billion internet users and in the next 3-4 years, will be a $1 trillion digital economy, contributing more than 20% towards India’s GDP. But our digital economy is still nascent and we have taken it upon ourselves to build a framework which enables digital leaders to pursue their vision without any limitations.

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ADIF Objectives

Making India the Startup capital of the world by 2030

An open, fair, neutral, and democratic digital ecosystem

A level playing field for Indian startups

Voice of both established and budding Startups in Indian and international Regulatory and Policy space

Assist Government in the formulation of Policy, especially in the Digital Markets

Support startups by enhancing their visibility, providing mentorship and facilitating in their growth


Stay informed, stay inspired, & stay ahead.

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