Alliance  of Digital India Foundation

Founded in 2020, ADIF (Alliance of Digital India Foundation) is a think tank for India’s digital startups formed to fully capitalise on the sector’s promise with the objective of its long-term prosperity in mind. We aim to transform the Indian startup ecosystem as the most preferred startup destination across the globe by 2030.


At its core, ADIF wants to build an alliance of individuals and organisations, all of whom are driven towards making India the best startup nation globally. We aim to achieve this goal through championing the sector, celebrating our wealth creators, driving collaboration in the ecosystem and representing the voice of the startup sector with the government and industry forums.

On a mission

ADIF is on a mission to catapult the Indian startup ecosystem as the most preferred startup destination across the globe by 2030.

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The ADIF Methodology

Open Playbook  ●  Network to Win  ●  Unified Voice

Open Playbook


The Indus Valley Playbook is singular and has evolved as a response to the unique features of the Indian market, ranging from mobile-first internet users to highly evolved but low per capita income consumers. ADIF will transform this playbook that has come about through a mix of trial and error into a blueprint that fledgling digital startups can use, so we can build a more vibrant startup nation and support tomorrow’s technology entrepreneurs build global businesses from India and create jobs and wealth for fellow citizens. 

Network to Win


Indian tech and digital startups are spread out across this vast country and many are tackling the same challenges, but in their own silos. ADIF will bring startup founders together to drive meaningful collaboration, to celebrate our wealth creators, and to support each other. Together, Indian startups can achieve much more, from speeding up market development to finding solutions for digital infrastructure problems, and a common platform will facilitate this joining of hands. 

Unified Voice


Indian startups do not speak in a unified voice, especially to policymakers. The ADIF humbly aspires to be the voice of India’s digital startups and represent their interests before policymakers and other stakeholders. Safeguarding a free and fair technology ecosystem, ensuring every player has a level playing field, and ensuring policies keep pace with innovation are all important requisites if we are to secure the independence and competitiveness of the Indian startup ecosystem. ADIF will focus on Policy Advocacy, Awareness Building and Research Interventions, including legal studies and publishing benchmarking reports.

Executive Council

Nilesh Sathe
Nilesh Sathe Ex-Executive Director, LIC India
Mrs Shinjini Kumar
Mrs Shinjini Kumar Co-founder-Salt

Advisory Council

Ajay Data
Ajay Data Founder and CEO Data Xgen Technologies
Maheshwer Peri
Maheshwer Peri Founder & Chairman, CAREERS 360 (Pathfinder Publishing Pvt. Ltd)
Ritesh Malik
Ritesh Malik Founder at Innov8 and Plaksha University
Rohan Verma
Rohan Verma CEO & Executive Director, MapmyIndia
Snehil Khanor Founder at
Ajay Data
Vishal Gondal Founder & CEO, GOQii

ADIF members

ADIF Membership

* Unless stated otherwise.

** Unless stated otherwise, the members contributing more than INR 1 Crore will be designated as Founding Members.

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