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The startups of the country have significantly contributed to the transformation of India into a modern digital economy. It is poised to contribute even more significantly with the country slated to cross 1 billion internet users in the next decade. To fully capitalise on the promise of the sector, it is imperative to ensure a conducive ecosystem. It is with this objective that ADIF was imagined.

With nearly 50 unicorns and another 50 soonicorns, the Indus Valley startup ecosystem has truly arrived. While being the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world, India ranks only 23rd in the best startup ecosystem ranking. The mission is to catapult our startup ecosystem into one of the best in the world. In the process, we will also be evangelising the Indus Valley playbook as an alternative ideology to the Silicon Valley playbook.

On a mission

To catapult the Indian startup ecosystem into one of the top three in the world.

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Thought Leadership


ADIF will look to create a blueprint for ensuring more digital startup successes in the country, thereby helping our founders make India a more vibrant Startup Nation and inspiring youngsters to take to technology entrepreneurship as a way to create jobs and wealth in our society.



A platform to drive meaningful collaboration between startups, celebrate our wealth creators and facilitate market development to help the startup industry grow and fulfil its potential.

Industry Voice


We aspire to be the voice of the startups and represent their interests before policymakers and other stakeholders. Objectives being futuristic policies, free & fair startup ecosystem, the level playing field for all players and long term prosperity of the sector, we will focus on Policy Advocacy, Awareness Building and Research Interventions including legal studies and publishing benchmarking reports.

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